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2024 Symposium Review

Updated: May 28

Thanks for joining us for our 23rd annual Power Plant Chemistry Symposium at the University of Warwick Conferences.

We were joined by nearly 90 members of the power plant chemistry community, including Operators, Water Treatment Product & Service Providers, and Instrumentation Vendors for one and a half days of presentations and discussions.

Ryan Morris (BIAPWS Chair, Jacobs) presenting on Ion Exchange Resins

Attendees were treated to an update on BIAPWS activities, an overview of IAPWS (the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam), six technical presentations, and two overview presentations covering a wide range of topics.

Particular thanks go to the presenters (shown in presentation order) for their time and effort preparing, delivering, and answering questions from the audience;

  • Ryan Morris (Jacobs) & Carl Atkinson (EDF Generation) - Ion Exchange Overview & Dungeness B Condensate Polishing Plant Investigation

  • Megan Greyling & Rown James (EDF Generation) - Atmospheric Corrosivity Categorisation at Hinkley Point C

  • Dr Donald Hawthorne (CalMon) - The Paradox that is Calcium Carbonate Scaling

  • Lukasz Grzybowski & Paul McCann (Uniper) - Grain Unit Preservation & Return to Service

  • Chris Mead (Swan Analytical UK) - Improving Reliability of Degassed Conductivity After Cation Exchange Measurement with EDI Technology

  • Anne-Cecile Valentin (Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions) - Electro-Separation for Power

  • Stefan Hilger (Lanxess) - New Test to Evaluate the Performance of a Mixed Bed

  • Phil Bayley (Pure Water Group) - ElectroDeIonisation Overview.

The exhibition space was well attended, with exhibitions from the following suppliers;

Attendees had the opportunity to speak with exhibitors and suppliers throughout the conference, with lunch served in the exhibition room on the second day. There was also some interesting and stimulating conversation in the bar in the evening too!

The exhibitor displays were enhanced by the presence of a mobile Reverse Osmosis unit, brought to the Symposium by Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions. This gave attendees the opportunity to see the workings of an often-critical piece of equipment for sites producing and using demineralised water.

NSI Mobile Water Solutions held a business card raffle, drawn at the end of the Symposium for a bottle of fine whisky - congratulations to Corinne Kirchhofer of PPChem who won!

John Taylor of NSI Mobile Water presenting Corinne with her prize

The BIAPWS Committee are grateful to all presenters, attendees, and to Warwick Conferences for an excellent couple of days - we hope to see you all next year (dates to be announced very soon!)

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